Ingredients for - Lemon curd cheesecakes

1. 100g digestive biscuits
2. 50g unsalted butter, melted
3. 250g lemon curd
4. 300ml double cream
5. 100g full fat soft cheese
6. 75ml double cream
7. 1 tbsp icing sugar
8. lemon slices, to garnish

How to cook deliciously - Lemon curd cheesecakes

1 . Stage

Tip the biscuits into a food processor and blitz to fine crumbs, or crush in a large bowl with the end of a rolling pin. Tip into a bowl and mix with the melted butter, then divide between four coupe or dessert glasses, pressing the biscuit mixture into the base of the glasses slightly. Chill for 10 mins.

2 . Stage

Spoon about 25g lemon curd over each of the chilled biscuit bases. Mix the remaining lemon curd with the double cream and soft cheese, whisking until smooth. Divide the lemon filling evenly between the glasses, then chill for at least 1 hr or overnight.

3 . Stage

For the topping, beat the cream with the icing sugar using an electric whisk until it’s a pipeable consistency. Spoon the whipped cream into a piping bag and pipe a swirl of cream over each cheesecake (or spoon a dollop over each if you don’t have a piping bag). Decorate each cheesecake with a slice of lemon before serving. Will keep chilled for up to a day.