Ingredients for - Rib-eye steaks with roasted roots & parsley pesto

1. 250g celeriac , peeled and cut into chunks
2. 300g carrot , quartered lengthways
3. 3 long shallots , quartered, leaving root intact
4. 3 celery sticks, halved and sliced lengthways, plus a handful of celery leaves
5. 2 ½ tbsp olive oil
6. 2 rib-eye steaks (around 250g/9oz each)
7. 1 head red or green chicory , broken into leaves, centre quartered
8. small bunch parsley
9. 25g unsalted cashew
10. 1 small garlic clove
11. 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil , plus extra if needed
12. squeeze of lemon juice
13. 3 tbsp grated parmesan

How to cook deliciously - Rib-eye steaks with roasted roots & parsley pesto

1 . Stage

Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Put all the vegetables, except the chicory and celery leaves, in a large, non-stick roasting tin. Pour over 2 tbsp olive oil and season. Mix everything and spread into a single layer. Bake for around 45 mins, tossing once or twice, until the vegetables are tender and beginning to turn golden.

2 . Stage

Meanwhile, make the pesto. Pop the parsley, cashew nuts and garlic in a food processor. Blitz until quite smooth. Stir in the olive oil, lemon juice, Parmesan and some seasoning. Adjust the thickness with a little more olive oil, if you like.

3 . Stage

Heat a griddle pan. Rub the steaks with the remaining oil and season. Cook on each side for around 4 mins for medium, or to your liking, adjusting the time depending on the thickness of the steaks. Rest the steaks, covered, for 5 mins.

4 . Stage

Toss the chicory and celery leaves together with roasted roots. Serve alongside the steaks and spoon a generous dollop of pesto on top.