Ingredients for - Smoked mackerel with herb & beet couscous

1. 100g couscous
2. 1 tsp horseradish sauce
3. 150g pot 2% fat Greek yogurt
4. ½ cucumber , deseeded and cut into cubes
5. 20g pack dill , roughly chopped
6. 20g pack mint , roughly chopped
7. small red onion , finely chopped
8. juice 1 lemon
9. 1 tbsp olive oil
10. 250g pack cooked beetroot , cut into cubes
11. 250g pack peppered smoked mackerel fillets

How to cook deliciously - Smoked mackerel with herb & beet couscous

1 . Stage

Put the couscous into a large bowl, pour over 150ml boiling water, then cover with cling film. Set aside for 10 mins.

2 . Stage

Meanwhile, mix the horseradish into the yogurt and season. When all of the liquid has been absorbed into the couscous, uncover it, then spread it up and around the sides of the bowl to help it cool more quickly.

3 . Stage

When couscous is quite cool, add the cucumber, herbs, onion, lemon juice and oil and toss well. Add the beets and toss briefly. Pile the couscous onto plates, flake a mackerel fillet into a few big pieces alongside each serving (discarding the skin), then serve with a big dollop of the horseradish yogurt. Pack the remaining couscous and mackerel into a lunchbox for the next day.